1 equipment and system failure and 2 identifying technology assets

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I need answers for 2 Assignments, each assignment should be 3 to 4 pages with APA format and need 3 references for each Assignments.

Assignment 1:(Equipment and system failure)

Q 1.1> Search for information on system and equipment failure on your favorite search engine.

Q 1.2> List what might be done to provide fault tolerance for a single system.

Q 1.3> List what might be done to provide fault tolerance at a data center level.

Assignment 2:(Identifying technology assets)

Q 2.1> You are part of a disaster recovery team charged with completing the asset inventory at a small business that primarily sells a small selection of products to the public.

Q 2.2> Establish a sample hardware asset list for this company and classify those assets as tier 1, 2, or 3 assets.

Q 2.3> Develop a list of the software needed to restore operations of the small business.

Note: Please write each Assignment in a different word document.

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