analysis essay 13

Watch the movie

Essay about Women react to their roles as individuals, members of families, and members of society

Write about specific scenes do no be general

select a minimum of two quotations from the textbook( It up load to this question )

make sure you give proper citation for use of the film and/or the textbook ideas. When you refer to the illustration in the film, you must then enter a citation in parentheses right in that sentence where you use the film reference. (film name, year produced). When you quote or summarize an idea from one of your texts, you must cite the resource in your essay (author, publication year, page number). At the end of your essay you must list ALL resources used in the essay including the film. The bibliography listing at the end of the essay is formatted as follows: Author, First initial, Second initial. (Date). Title of work. Location: Publisher.

2 pages =500 words APA STYLE

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