managerial accounting 83

Here is some help and make sure all sources are cited. Must use scholarly sources and make sure there are at least three sources.I also will be uploading the reading material for the questions. The questions for number one are on page 153 of the reading material.Managerial decision-making is a major part of running an organization. Managerial accounting helps give managers the information needed for planning, controlling and decision-making. Managers need reliable and timely information to answer such questions as how many new employees should we hire, how many products should we produce and at what price should they be sold. Reports used by managerial accountants help with making informed decisions which is of vital importance to ensure the success of the organization. Please review the readings and videos below to help with the Unit 4 Concepts.

Managerial Accounting Overview Playlist – Susan Crosson

Managerial Cost Concepts Playlist – Susan Crosson…

Chapter 17 – Introduction to Managerial Accounting

Concept Version 9 Managerial Accounting –…

What is the Difference between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting?

1. (Operating leverage, margin of safety, and cost behavior) In a narrative format, answer the questions posed in the case ATC 3-4 on page 153.

2. Why do manager put such a great amount of emphasis on controlling fixed cost in their organizations?

3. What is meant by the statement, my company has good operating leverage? How does good operating leverage magnify earnings results with modest revenue increase?

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