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Question was Should human blood be commodified?

I just need a short reply post agreeing with my friends post.

My post:

Human blood is a very important aspect of life especially to the sick people admitted in hospitals with lack of enough blood in their system to carry out the activities of the body. Human blood should be commodified to motivate more people into donating blood. With the rapidly growing economic and technological developments, the rate at which people are left jobless is alarming. This tends to drive almost everyone to activities that generate revenue. Offering some sort of compensation to those who donate blood increases the number of individuals interested in donating blood and hence the availability of blood.

Another reason why human blood should be commodified is because it can be a good source of revenue for both the governments and the individuals donating. Blood is worth a lot and that is something that only the patients can attest to. If the government and other health institutions are making a lot of money from its sale, then the donors too should be able to generate some income by donating blood.

The theory that best supports my argument for commodifying human blood is the Kant theory. This is a moral theory stating that the rightness or wrongness of an act is not dependant on the consequences but whether it fulfills its purpose or not. In this case, the purpose of commodifying human blood is so the blood is readily available to the patients. It really does not matter whether it was wrong or evil to sell or buy blood.

Many people, however, believe that human blood should not be commodified since this step will make the commercial markets to bring contaminated blood into the so-called market in the name of making profits no matter what. I think this is a very vague point because almost all hospital facilities have machines, devices as well as well-trained doctors to test and find out whether the blood is contaminated or not and this still leaves my argument rational.

My friends post:

Case Name/Number: Case 2.3 Blood for Sale

Argument: Human blood should be commodified

Premise 1: First, there is a large gap between the blood demand and supply in many countries and areas. Once human blood be commodified, blood donation would be a high value business, and it is possible to have someone or company to monopoly the business and raise the price. This may cause more patients to offer the blood due to the high price.

Premise 2: Secondly, once the human blood become commodified, there will be have the blood trade under-table in blackmarket which is very hard to regulated and high-risk. The blood products from these blackmarkets may come with virus or other unknown danger, which is very dangerous for the people who need blood.

Ethical Theory: The Utilitarian theory can provide a better explanation of my argument. Utilitarian theory is to purse long term profit and greatest happiness, and the blood commodified will not help for pursing a long term profit. If a government failed to regulation, it will raise bigger issues and even disaster.

Opposing View: There will be argument that having regulation of blood commodified will lower the under table blood trade. However, most of the countries are still emerging countries, which have higher possibility to fail on regulation of blood trade. For example, China have been approve for legal blood trading since 1980s at blood station. Nonetheless, due to the immature medical technology development, the contaminative blood spread over the country and caused serious chaos. There are many villages in Henan, China still called Aids Villages today because of large amount of Aids patients live there, which caused by the government failed to regulate the blood trade.

Conclusion: The blood should not be commodified especially in emerging countries, and there a still a lot of technique challenges for developed countries to regulate the blood trade. The medical technology in the world is not mature enough to make sure all the blood using are safe, and the disease spread uncontrollably in short time. The blood commodified still need to take some times to developed, and regulate under developed technologies.

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