prevention measures for vulnerabilities 1

After identifying your organizations’ vulnerabilities through previous weekly assignments, you now need to develop security measures to mitigate those vulnerabilities.

Categorize by people, process, or technology.

Write a minimum 2 full page paper (not incuding the title and reference pages) outlining your plan/recommendations for mitigating the vulnerabilities identied.

Include appropriate references to support your analysis.

Submit the paper and Turnitin report using the Assignment Files tab.

The criteria that I use to assign grades for this assignment are as follows:

  • Was the material thoroughly covered?

Deduction Examples – Addressed many of the points (10%)

– Addressed some of the points (20%)

  • Was the minimum number of pages met?

Deduction Examples – Less than 2 full pages (15%)

– One page less than requriements (30%)

  • Did the evaluation follow APA format?

Deduction Examples – minor APA non-compliance (5%)

– major APA non-compliance (10%)

  • Was the evaluation error free?

Deduction Examples – Minor typos/grammatical mistakes (5%)

– Significant typos/grammatical mistakes (10%)

  • Was a reference list included of appropriate resources?

Deduction Examples – Inappropriate references (5%)

– No references included (10%)

  • Was a Turnitin report included?

Deduction Examples – No Turnitin report (10%)

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