response sheet homework read and questions require long answers

Need to read some chapters of a book and answer the questions (require long answers)

IMPORTANT READ CAREFULLY: The goal of this sheet is to help you organize your readings each week. The sheet lists the readings for each chapter in logical order. Please follow the order of readings so that you can understand the different concepts. Questions listed help you extract important information from each reading. The questions are general but target a specific concept within each reading. Those concepts are most important from the readings, and you will be mostly tested on these concepts on the midterms. The sheet is not meant to be graded carefully. It is merely a guide to help you organize your thoughts and help you study for the midterms (some sort of outline). As you can see, most questions require long answers. Detailed long answers to each question will help you do well on the midterm. For grading purposes, a paragraph for each answer is sufficient. You are not likely to do well on midterms; however, if you don’t know the full answer for each question listed here. There will NOT be an “answer key” for these questions because they are not meant to quiz you. The questions make sure that you do all the readings entirely but with emphasis on the mentioned concepts. The midterm questions will not go into nitty-gritty details but rather general concepts and information emphasized in the many questions.

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