week one value proposition

Using the Value Proposition Worksheet in Week One’s Required Resources, you will write and submit a one sentence value proposition of ten words or less. To receive full credit for this assignment, you will need to “show your work” by including each of following steps:

1. Value Proposition Statement: Though you will write this based on your work in the next step, please put your value proposition statement at the top of your assignment so that it is easily recognized.

2. Identify Your Value Proposition: Make two (2) lists of characteristics or short statements that differentiate your offering from your competitors. One list should identify why your company (i.e., you as an acupuncture practitioner) is different from your competitors. The other list should identify why your product (i.e. the service of providing an acupuncture treatment) is different from your competitor. Each list should contain no fewer than five (5) statements.

Using the 1-5 scale found on page one in the worksheet, rate each of your differentiation statements based on quality and uniqueness. It is strongly recommended that you solicit opinions from your friends and family to rate your statements. This will help to provide you with an outside perspective that could greatly improve the strength of your value proposition statement.

3. Value Proposition Evaluation Matrix: Using the Matrix on page two of the worksheet, give each of your differentiation statements a rating based on the offering’s desire and exclusivity.

4. Express Your Value Proposition Statement: Using any differentiation statement that ranked a quality of 3 or higher and a desire/exclusivity of 2 or higher, answer the following question in no more than two sentences: “Why should my ideal prospect (the group you intend to serve) buy from me instead of a competitor?”

5. Write Your Value Proposition Statement: Following the steps of the worksheet, continue to refine your value proposition statement until it can be expressed in one sentence of 10 words or fewer. Place this sentence at the top of your assignment.

An example of this assignment can be found here: Value Proposition Statement Example.

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